FrostyGoop ICS malware targets Ukraine

In April 2024, Dragos researchers spotted the malware FrostyGoop that interacts with Industrial Control Systems (ICS) using the Modbus protocol. In April 2024, Dragos researchers discovered a new ICS... Read more »

NCA seizes thousands of social media accounts used by people smugglers

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Hackers abused swap files in e-skimming attacks on Magento sites

Threat actors abused swap files in compromised Magento websites to hide credit card skimmer and harvest payment information. Security researchers from Sucuri observed threat actors using swap files in... Read more »

Cyber Security Public-Private Partnerships Are Taking Off in APAC

Australia is among the APAC governments forging closer ties with the private sector due to the realisation that the public sector can no longer fight the increase in cyber... Read more »

LOKKER introduces web privacy risk summary for insurers

LOKKER released a new privacy solution for insurers: the ability to share on-demand web privacy risk reports with their insureds. These reports give insurers and the insured companies a... Read more »

Strata Identity Continuity prevents mission-critical applications from going offline

Strata Identity announced Identity Continuity, an addition to its Maverics Identity Orchestration platform. This new premium offering ensures business continuity and uninterrupted application access by seamlessly failing over from... Read more »

Ketch No-Code Rights Automation empowers non-technical teams to manage DSR requests

Ketch launched its No-Code Rights Automation product, designed to make it easy for non-technical teams to comply with consumer requests for data deletion and access. This includes the full... Read more »

SCW Trust Agent measures developers’ security competencies for code commits

Secure Code Warrior introduced SCW Trust Agent – a solution that assesses the specific security competencies of developers for every code commit. This innovative offering enables CISOs and application... Read more »

Innovations to power secure-by-design development

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Bitwarden vs Dashlane (2024): Which Password Manager Is Best?

Bitwarden’s affordability and extensive MFA options give it the slight edge over Dashlane’s uber-polished password management experience. Read more below. Read more »
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