AI accelerates code development faster than security teams can keep up

91% of respondents say their security budget is increasing this year, demonstrating a growing recognition of the importance of cybersecurity within organizations, according to Seemplicity. Vendor environments introduce complexity... Read more »

LOKKER introduces web privacy risk summary for insurers

LOKKER released a new privacy solution for insurers: the ability to share on-demand web privacy risk reports with their insureds. These reports give insurers and the insured companies a... Read more »

Strata Identity Continuity prevents mission-critical applications from going offline

Strata Identity announced Identity Continuity, an addition to its Maverics Identity Orchestration platform. This new premium offering ensures business continuity and uninterrupted application access by seamlessly failing over from... Read more »

Ketch No-Code Rights Automation empowers non-technical teams to manage DSR requests

Ketch launched its No-Code Rights Automation product, designed to make it easy for non-technical teams to comply with consumer requests for data deletion and access. This includes the full... Read more »

SCW Trust Agent measures developers’ security competencies for code commits

Secure Code Warrior introduced SCW Trust Agent – a solution that assesses the specific security competencies of developers for every code commit. This innovative offering enables CISOs and application... Read more »

The changes in the cyber threat landscape in the last 12 months

When it comes to the cyber threat landscape, change is the only constant: the inevitable interplay between cybercriminals and law enforcement agencies makes it inevitable. Europol’s recently released Internet... Read more »

Vulnerability in Telegram app for Android allows sending malicious files disguised as videos

ESET researchers discovered a zero-day exploit, which targets the Telegram app for Android, that appeared for sale for an unspecified price in an underground forum post from June 2024.... Read more »

Gcore raises $60 million to drive AI innovation

Gcore has secured $60 million in Series A funding from institutional and strategic investors. Led by Wargaming, and with participation from Constructor Capital and Han River Partners, this marks... Read more »

The CISO’s approach to AI: Balancing transformation with trust

As organizations increasingly adopt third-party AI tools to streamline operations and gain a competitive edge, they also invite a host of new risks. Many companies are unprepared, lacking clear... Read more »

10 fintech companies to watch in 2024

The fintech market is experiencing a swift transformation driven by emerging technologies like Open Finance and GenAI, as highlighted by Juniper Research. This evolution is compounded by intense competition... Read more »
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